a sewing sanctuary?

wanna see our homeschool room turned sewing sanctuary?
homeschooling down here wasn't working out.
right about that time i was learning to sew.
now it's all mine.

oh, and see that cute little green sewing machine?
i got my little darling girl this cutie patootie machine.
i didn't buy it at target however. i got the viking store by our house to price match.
wanna another look?

this is the view i have from my machine.

it can be a little cold down here. and lonely sometimes.
but, there are no toys. no fooling around.
just me and my sewing machine.



knitknerd said...

I love this Tiffany! "Sew" glad you've found something you love doing - and your sewing sanctuary looks great.

Tiffany said...

"sew" nice of you to say. it looks bigger in the picture, and i got something just yesterday to spruce it up! i'll post about it.


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