my sister's keeper

 i just sat through 2 hours of one of the saddest movies i've seen in a long time.

what really stuck me was how amazing my life actually is.  there are families all over the world in exactly the same position as the family in this movie.  living every day waiting for their son or daughters to die.  the heartache of that situation is like none i have known.  i pray that i will never have to face the reality that one of my children will die in my lifetime.  it's hard to imagine that i would survive.  i know people who have lost children.  the strength they have to continue to live and love is amazing. 

my life is, like i said, amazing.  my three children are a gift from god.  each one is unique, and unlike the others.  all perfectly made by god.  i have the freedom to teach my children at home everyday.  and, even when it doesn't seem like it's what anyone wants to do, i know that this time we spend together i will never get back.  that soon, they will want to go and be somewhere else.  i am so blessed. 

this movie was a reminder to me that we should cherish each day we have with our families.  that for some people, the worst thing can happen today is the death of their child.  and, that i feel like the worst thing that can happen is we don't finish science.  that my son doesn't capitalize his sentences.  that really means nothing.  nothing compared to the life and death situations happening right now.   

so, i am going to kiss all of my children, give them a hug and tell them i love them.  for i am graciously blessed by god.  that i am truly grateful to be a mother.

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Nicole said...

so when are you going to blog again?

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