oh brother...

my very nice mother in law bought me a sewing machine for christmas. it ignited my love for sewing, but after learning how to use it, i quickly realized it wasn't my friend. it happened to be a brother we picked up on sale at costco.
i took it back. then, i got this great machine. i actually love it and would never want to part with it.

i wanted to buy one of these, but they were all.sold.out. and then, she made more. those sold out too. so, i had to make my own. it was truly a learning experience, and i made like 7 before i finally ended up with something that would even go over my notebook. lots of frustration.
finally, i had success.
my sister in law liked them too and commissioned 40 of them!
well, with all that profit, i can now go and buy this:

the juki f600. amazing!
but, the don't have any in stock.
the owner of the sewing machine shop is out of town.
i have to wait until tuesday to order one.
then, i have to wait a week for it to be shipped.

but, how lucky am i?

plus, my husband made me this great label in photoshop. he drew it himself.
cute right?


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