i wonder how many brain cells i just killed?

my kitchen outlets have decided they don't love me anymore.  

the two most convenient outlets are broken.

if i treat them just right they'll work.  but, that means i usually have to hold the plug into the outlet, the entire time, if i want any appliance i may have plugged in to work.

i would normally just call up my trusty ol' father in law who can fix (or jerry rig) almost anything.  he's good to me like that.  he'll always come and help a girl out!

except, he and my mother in law are in arizona!  
(which i hate, and means i don't have a babysitter...)

i called him and asked him how hard could changing an outlet be?  he gave me the lowdown.  then told me what to get.  i went to home depot, purchased a new outlet and decided to just go for it.
  after going into the basement to flip the fuse, i figured i was good to go.

but, i don't have one of those cutsie little machines that for sure tell you that there is no power.  
the lights to the kitchen went out when i flipped the switch.  i took that to mean i had done it right.

well, apparently, the outlet didn't get flipped.

i had been warned to make sure that there was no power.  

and, i really didn't think there was 

needless to say, when i took a knife (too lazy to find a screwdriver) to the screws on the outlet, i electrocuted myself.  

that has never happened to me and it was such a weird feeling.   you'll know what i mean if it's happened to you...

 i'm waiting until someone else will do it for me.  and that means for now, this is what it looks like...

(try not to be disgusted at the super glossy green paint.  it is on my growing list of things to do)

since my kitchen is small and not filled with more than 3 outlets, i only have one outlet that works.  it also happens to be right next to my sink.  it's getting really annoying to bring the toaster, the blender and the juicer over to the sink and use them there. 

needless to say, the outlet is completely and utterly useless, not that it's much of a difference from before i killed a gazillion of my precious brain cells.  

btw, my husband calls me a pea head.  he says i don't have as big a brain as he does since my head is smaller than normal (which really is true) and that if he had been thinking more clearly before we got married he would've picked a woman with a bigger brain capacity. 

he's sort of kidding.  but, not really.

oh, maybe he can say that's the reason i like stevie wonder! 

{he really does love me! these are just the super honest things that a husband and wife can share after they've been married 10 years! some of you know what i mean...}


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Nicole said...

well, after ten years you could probably say the same thing back...lol. Anyway, like I said next time don't use a metal knife :) And can you believe I haven't read your blog for so long, I know I am getting off my game here. I miss Gma and gpa also!

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