a sneak peek!

so yesterday i hinted about a new {big} project!  

here's a sneak peek for all of you.  

it's not going to be done for a while, but i figured if i posted about it, then i would be more likely to work really hard!  plus, my husband is going to be gone a lot this month working on his 
national board cert.  

so, i have plenty of time to do it this month.  no excuses.  i'm using a paint drop cloth in a light cream color.  i also want to put a ruffle on the skirt.  it'll mean more work, but i think it will be worth it!

i feel really inspired these days.  i don't know why exactly, but i have seen so many cute things out there in blogland.  
and, since i started the indie biz class, i have been checking out the blogs from the gals in the class.  there is a lot of inspiration out there.   some of the women in the class are really talented. 


laura said...

indie student here. stopping by to say hello! happy biz day!

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Sorry I'm being silly - what is the next big project? I can't tell.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I can see that is going to be "super fun" already...lol. You know why. When it is done it will look beautiful. And then I will paint a picture for your bedroom when you get the bed setup, and after that you can come help me clean my house...lol. See ya

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