totally random...

so, this has nothing to do with anything.  

we just got home from seeing gnomeo and juliet.  it was really cute.  lots of adult only humor.  and us adults laughed really hard a few times.  

now, i'm on the computer trying to get everyone's homeschool work ready.  

i have stevie wonder's, for once in my life, playing.  i can't even tell you more than that.  it just makes me so completely happy.  
on sunday i had done a bunch of cleaning and  i was tired.  i got a bowl of my favorite yogurt (which i like better than almost anything.  zoi greek yogurt in honey) then i came into the dining room and ate my yogurt and listened to my favorite stevie song.  on repeat.  ;-)
my husband walked in, looked at me and rolled his eyes. then he left.  he also shut the door behind him so he couldn't hear stevie.  

the thing is, he hates stevie.  he could try to appreciate him for being super talented and blind! i have tried to convert him.  but, i had no success.  i threw in the towel long ago.  i know it's a lost cause.  i think that trait runs in my husbands family.  stubbornness, i mean.

yes, i know.  there is at least one thing wrong with him. 
my husband i mean, not stevie!

{just to clear things up, i don't like stevie in the love way, just his talent is amazing}

so, i try to listen when he isn't home.  then i don't have to hear his complaining. 

and just because i'm in the mood, i'll put a stevie playlist on my blog.  but, probably only for today.  

i sometimes like to hear music on blogs. but, if it's a blog i haven't been to before, and i keep on clicking, the same song starts over and over and over.  it can get really annoying.  that was when i took the playlist off of my blog.  i would hate to annoy anyone that way.  

i'm just sayin'...

so, just sit here, listen to some stevie.  i'm not really sure how anyone couldn't like him?



knitknerd said...

I can't say I'm a total Stevie head, but the music certainly does bring a little smile to my face!
(fun blog by the way - good job sticking with it!)

Alicia said...

funny! i can say my hubby does not enjoy all the same music i do...it must be a guy thing :)

Nicole said...

This is where your hubby and I do agree, we have had plenty of convo about that...:) But I will allow you that he is talented, and blind. I like the new pics very cute!

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