do you have a favorite room?

 this is where i spend most of my day!

i'm either in here homeschooling, eating, reading blogs or blogging myself.  it's a little strange sharing our dining room with our school space, and the decor has for sure taken the, "people are learning in here" turn. hence, the giant whiteboard!  but hey, when you homeschool, that's just the way it goes.  there's more work for me if i have to hide everything away and pretend it's just a dining room.  we've done that one already, and i didn't care for that kind of system.  it almost feels like we're trying to hide the fact that we're a homeschooling family.  it really is a lifestyle.  and, our houses usually reflect that.  besides, when you're learning at home i think it's important to have a space that is fun and inviting and can allow kids to be creative.

 this room also happens to be the brightest spot in my whole house.  it's one of the reasons we moved our school room up here from the basement school room we used to have.

 i can usually be found sitting at my computer when i'm in here and i know i waste way too much time staring at that screen, but what can i say?  there are so many good blogs to read, tutorials to be found, and just lots of inspiration period.

this morning while i was trying to get the kids books together for school, i decided it would be the perfect opportunity to rearrange our school supply drawers. 

 instead of actually cleaning or doing laundry, distracting myself by rearranging sounded like such a better idea, right?  
anyone else know what i mean?

even though i got side tracked, i'm glad i did it.  adding a lamp to the table brightened up the corner and it looks warmer.  i also wanted to carve out a small space for some books i received yesterday.  more on those tomorrow!

 where's your favorite place?  where do you blog? where do you homeschool?

i would love to know!

{oh, and just so you know, the room isn't usually this clean!}

{and just one more thing, picnik was driving me crazy, so you'll have to excuse the rounded corners on my photos with white peeking out.  i spent waaaaayyy too long trying to revert them, but seriously, i have stuff to do today!  and, i need my sanity, there are 3 kids that expect me to teach them today. yikes!}



virginiamae said...

As a former teacher (and possibly future homeschool mommy) I love your setup! All of my elementary teaching supplies are waiting in the basement for my 2 y.o. and 7 m.o. to grow up (well, I don't want to rush them) =) I like the brightness of it as well.

kristy said...

WOW, your set up is so clean and neat, i think i need to go clean up my office after seeing that! just stopping by to say hi (indie biz! love that room!

Alicia said...

what a bright, cheery room! we do school in our extra bedroom upstairs...i did a post on it a while back...oh, and i can't wait to hear more on your books!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

first I want to be in this room
second, I am considering hs but we have a while
third I want to be in this room

katygirl said...

Wow this room is sooooo cool!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

What a fun, cheery place you've got! Almost makes me want to homeschool. ;)

My computer sits right here in an awkward place, across from my dining room table. We always said we'd eventually move the "office" upstairs, but it's been nearly 4 years now, and I'm still right here. :)

Steve said...

You're so organized! It looks great! I homeschool in our dinningroom area too when it comes to most paper/seat related work, but prefer to move to the couch, outside, or upstairs when I'm reading to the kids or giving them a class. Since I'm home all day I need LOTS of variety in where I teach & I think the kids appreciate it as well. : )

linda said...

Opps! I guess my husband Steve's Google account was still signed in when I commented.

Mary Ann Wettler said...

Love the space you created for learning. I'm considering homeschooling my son. Just don't know where to start. Could you make a recommendation? I'm in indie 3.0 class. Mary Ann

Josh and Ricci said...

this is a super cute set up!

what is the garland made out of that's on the ceiling? i'm trying to find some cute ways to decorate a guest/craft room and that would be fun to hang around.

Alicia said...

hey, just re-reading this post...where ever did you find those handy shelf thingies with the pull out baskets?? ikea? let me know...they look really handy for homeschool stuff!

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