easter; take two

i didn't plan on posting anything else about easter, but my hubby put together a quick little video of the day. 
it's cute, so, i'm posting it here!  plus, it's my blog and i can do whatever i want!  

the resurrection story, searching for easter eggs, sorting candy, and a birthday song for my only girl....but, if all that wasn't interesting enough, it's always fun to spy into someone else's family holiday!

Easter2011 from thetwistedruffle on Vimeo.



virginiamae said...

How fun! What a big fam!

Alicia said...

love the easter egg hunt! what a beautiful yard :) so green and lush.

urbancurtsy said...

I can hear katie screaming practically the whole hunt. We had a pretty eclectic easter. Do you like how I've been commenting but not posting. I am starting my couch tonight I think....lol. I think is a major descriptive in that sentence. See ya!

Jessica said...

Wow!! I love Easter!!

I am blog hopping today and I am happy to stop by your blog!!

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Have a Happy Wednesday! :0)

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