ever heard of pickleball?

it's been a long winter with my in laws gone and now that they're back, we took advantage of their willingness to have the kids over for the night.  we went out to dinner, saw the adjustment bureau, and went to starbucks! it was great to have a night out!  we even got to play pickleball!! 

since i know a lot of you haven't ever heard of pickleball, it's a lot like tennis.  my husband is super good so i, of course, love to be his partner.  and, since i'm his wife, it's pretty much a given.

{my husband and father in law playing on our home court}
 we have a court at our house, but it's not always easy to find people who want to play or even know how for that matter.  my husbands family all plays and we do try to have some pickleball parties in the summer. but, when the weather doesn't allow us to play at home we're lucky because at a community center nearby they have drop in pickleball.  since there was no work or homeschool this week, we got to go 3 times!!!  

 we haven't gone to the community center more than a handful of times before because our kids were little and having to find a babysitter to play was kind of a hassle.  but, now that our kids are a little older and can entertain themselves, we packed up some snacks, all 3 nintendo ds's and went to play.  the tricky part about bringing kids is they have to sit on these here bleachers.  they can't get off either, otherwise they are right in someones game.  but, so far, every time we've been there, multiple people have commented on how well behaved they are!

{they look like they are having fun, right?}
 the kids did great and only got bored within the last 30 minutes or so!
i didn't play very well on sunday so i took comfort in the fact that i got in 2 solid hours of exercise!
{depending on how many people are playing, we may have to sit out until a court opens up}
  i tried to be sneaky and snap a quick picture so i hope they don't mind i'm putting them on my blog! 

i was hot, sweaty and stinky by the end!  it felt so good though! i've really needed to start exercising again.  this was a great start.

do any of you know how to play pickleball?


Amy said...

This makes me want to learn! I play tennis, but I've never even heard of pickle ball. How is that possible? And you look pretty awesome after two hours of exercising, by the way!

Alicia said...

i've never played pickle ball, but it sounds like fun! i love tennis and racket ball, but hardly ever get a chance to play :( this looks like a great date activity.

virginiamae said...

They have it at our gym. When we signed up we asked about it, but the girl at the desk said that only old people play there. It still sounded fun to my hubby and I. Maybe we'll go check it out. I'll let you know how it goes. Tennis for us is what we call a "marriage-builder" we don't exactly play at the same level ;-)
(Eliana's feeling a lot better - maybe we can chat tomorrow!)

urbancurtsy said...

Ummmm. Hard to find people to play, you're kidding right? This discussion can be saved for a later date :) pickleball has got to be my fav way of exercising. Wish I could have gone Sunday.

Cheri F. said...

I need to learn, but playing with either of our husbands, especially yours, intimidates me. Can you play one on one?

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