getting my craft on!

homeschool coop ended this past friday {boo-hoo} so i had to come up with a cute, quick, and inexpensive craft for the kids to give out to their teachers!

i just happened to see these all made up and ready to be given away while i was at church and i thought they would be just perfect as teacher gifts!  

the kids loved making them and they turned out better than i expected too!

i just used a sharp knife to open the top and then dumped the egg down the drain.  my husband asked me if i really had just wasted 12 eggs, and it was only then did i realize i could have used them!!

what can i say? i was in a hurry and apparently not thinking!

it's been awhile since the kids have made anything crafty, so they were thrilled!  i know, because they were also eager to have their pictures taken.

the cupcake liners were losing their shape rather quickly so i had to improvise.  i used mulit colored egg dye cups to house the shreds and egg.  
it worked perfectly and i had egg-actly the right amount i needed!
he he he ;-)

adorable little chicks and bunnies poking out of the flowers....too cute!

i just can't say how much i loved these. 
the teachers did too, so they are officially a hit! 
i was also thinking they could make cute place settings at easter!

oh, and tomorrow i have the most darling thing to show you, so come back!



Alicia said...

this is so cute! i might have to copy you :) bummer about your "wasted" eggs...oh, well...at least your project turned out super cute!

urbancurtsy said...

I was special enough to get one of these cuties from my little nephew, I still need to plant it in my garden.

Cheri F. said...

Yes, I'm snooping. It's tomorrow, and I'm ready for the next cute thing! :)

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