i've been a bad blogger...

way back at the beginning of the month, my dear blogging friend alicia over at la famille bestowed me with a blog love award.  i was so flattered and touched, but since i had never been so lucky to have anything like that happen to me, i wasn't sure if i was supposed to pass it on or what!!  when  i talked to her about it she said i could or not, but i said i would.  

i guess it's just been a crazy busy month and i had been putting it off because, since i'm pretty new at the whole blogging thing, it seems ridiculous for me to pass it on to anyone else!  i suppose i feel like i'm a total no one and it just wouldn't mean anything to anyone else.  so, i'm leaving my comfort zone here and am going to pass this along to a couple of my favorite bloggers who have inspired me. 

and, even though this probably isn't allowed (who cares about rules?) i'm passing it back to alicia.  she is really such an inspiration to me.  her passion for homeschooling her children is constantly a reminder to me just how special the time i have with my kids really is.  birthday parties at her house are so cool, and if i had an ounce of her creativity, my kids would think i'm super awesome.  

{i told you, she's super cute!}
 besides all that, she's just plain adorable. and sweet. and open.  and has a rockin' etsy shop!

she even had her pillows featured in country living magazine!!



i "met" her through the indie business 3.0 class and she was one of those people you like right away!  really, she is so nice.  i mean, she even shared some pretty top secret business tips with me.  so, that just goes to show how awesome she is.  plus, her etsy shop is filled with some amazing pillows.  great fabrics and ruffles!  oh, how i love me some ruffles!!


plus, she's also having a 20% off sale right now!!  go see her shop here!


becky, from farmgirl paints, has a blog i have to read every day.  

Farmgirl Paints

her openness about her life, kids and her art is refreshing.  her writing keeps me coming back for more and i am just in awe of all that she's accomplished!  

her cuffs are to die for, seriously!  go look here and see if you can resist the temptation to order one for yourself!  

i couldn't!! 

each one of these gals has a blog and an etsy shop that won't disappoint! 
each one is genuinely kind and superbly talented!  if you don't already read their blogs, you will be soon.  i guarantee they will be at the top of your list!


{also, i apologize to all three of you for stealing pics off your blogs without asking...forgive me?}


Alicia said...

thank you, my sweet friend! you are such a blessing :) i too love becky and her blog...i've never read virginia's but now you've got me interested! i'll have to go check her out...thanks again for the sweet words.

virginiamae said...

Aw, thanks so much! I love that we've met and can encourage each other. =) You're a great friend already. I laughed after the first time we talked on the phone because within the first minute I felt like we had known each other forever!

Farmgirl Paints said...

uh you are awesome! thank you so much for that sweet shout out. i'm lovin' your blog design. have i told you that before?? i'm thinking i need a redo or something...it's so bright. thanks again friend:)

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