just because i think you'll smile when you watch this:

yeah, so yesterday while talking about nouns, verbs and all those fun grammar things, my youngest son decided everything would be more fun if he could talk in his "funny" accent!

Untitled from thetwistedruffle on Vimeo.

yes, i love that kid.  

this is just one of the reasons why i love teaching my kids.  they can be goofy and silly while they're learning and i have a feeling a "regular" teacher wouldn't think this was quite as endearing as i do!!

homeschooling is super fun!

one of my super favorite bloggers, alicia, just did a series on why they homeschool and a little more about how it all works.  go check out the series on her blog: la famille


updated to add:  for those of you who are looking closely, don't mind the march sign, my kids do know it's april!!

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urbancurtsy said...

Isn't that how he sounds all the time...lol j/k he just likes to come to my door and tell me funny jokes, I like them and they actually make me laugh which is probably why he never stops telling them to me. :)

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