moving at a tortoise pace

getting myself motivated to finish my stupid slipcover has not been easy. remember this post on my progress?

{keep in mind this post was march 3rd!  that was a long time ago...}
but, today the sun came out, and i felt all ready to accomplish something.  plus, when i was on the phone with my sweet friend yesterday, she was just full of encouragement!  so, i cut out the skirt for the bottom of my sofa and i got to pinning.  

except, when i was about 1/2 way done pinning, i realized i had put the slipcover on right side out and pinned the wrong side of the ruffle to the right side of my cover.  

if you don't know sewing, i just completely screwed up.  all i have to say is at least i caught it before i had pinned the whole thing, or heaven forbid, sewed it on!!!

now, i'm back at square one.  i have to unpin, flip the cover, and re-pin.  


the only "good" thing that came out of this situation is i have a better idea how adorable it will look when i'm done...because aren't those ruffles cute???



Alicia said...

this is going to be adorable!! i'm cheering you on, girl!!! tiff! tiff! tiff! tiff!! did that help?? :)

virginiamae said...

Awesome! You can do it! So sorry you had to start over (and bummed we got disconnected!) Have a great Easter. Chat next week!? =)

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