on the kindness of strangers

my husband has been working extremely hard on his national board certification this month.  saturday night we had to make a quick trip to walmart for some dvd discs.  before we left, i asked him if he had his wallet and when he said yes, i didn't grab mine. 
we went through the store grabbing the few items we needed.  when we got to the register i asked him for his wallet so i could pay.  he said he didn't have it.  i thought he was joking because he likes to play tricks and act like he's lost it.  only this time, he wasn't kidding. 
i politely asked the lady to keep our cart until we found it.  i went to the car (in the drizzle) to look, but it wasn't there either.  when i came back in, my husband, who had been waiting at customer service said they had a black wallet and he was not so patiently waiting to find out if it was his.  

it wasn't.

so, we left.  upon arriving home, we scoured the house, but to no avail.  i called to put a temporary hold on hid debit card while he decided to drive back to walmart for one last look around.

while he was gone, there was a knock at the door.  startled, i quickly locked the door and asked who it was.  
{now, you may be thinking this isn't the normal reaction someone has to a knock at the door, but i live out in the country with only one neighbor, and even then, if someone wanted to kill me, no one would hear my screaming and i'd die.  my kids would die too, so i'm really careful about not letting anyone know i'm home! i can say some of this paranoia has rubbed off from my husband, who trusts no one.}

back to the story!

some man was asking if he was at my address and before i knew it hey was saying something about his wife and finding...and before i knew it, i had opened the door.  do you know what he said?  he told me his wife had found a wallet.  and what did they do?  they drove to my house, up my long and very bumpy 1/3 mile driveway to return my husband's wallet.  

can you just believe that?  how amazing.  the hassle of having to cancel cards and reorder things is such a pain in the, well you know where! 

my husband said that god knew how hard he was working to finish up all the details of his national board stuff and that he couldn't handle anymore stress.  
the next morning after church, my little guy had made this.  
i am with you.

yes, he was. 
isn't god's goodness something to treasure?



Alicia said...

oh i'm so glad it turned up! losing something like that is SO stressful!! hope he gets his work done now, stress free :) have a great weekend, my friend!

virginiamae said...

Wow! That's a neat story! God's got a fun way to let us know He's here! =)

Nicole said...


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