17 years ago

...my mother died. 

17 years seems like a long time.  

in some way it feels like she's been gone my whole life. because i've done so much since she's been gone.

i got my first job
had my heart broken
went to prom
graduated high school
lived in my first apartment
had a son
got married (just celebrated 10 years!)
had a daughter
had another son
started this crazy adventure of homeschooling
and i'm raising a family

those are just the biggies and through it all (the big and the small) she hasn't been here.  i felt like i was on my own for a long time.  i'm lucky though, because i have a great family that loves me!  so, i'm going to love on my family today.   
i'll try to pretend mother's day is about me and not about the mother i don't have.  
because mother's day is about me now.  i am a mother to 3 of the most awesomest best kids ever!  i should try to remember how much she loved me and how i truly felt loved by her. and really, my kids deserve to have a mom who enjoys "her" day.  

i'm going to do my best, wish me luck!

i miss you mom, happy mother's day.

and a big happy mother's day to you all! 



virginiamae said...

Such a beautiful picture! I'm glad you have such happy memories. Enjoy the day with your family celebrating you!

Alicia said...

oh, my friend...my heart aches for you, and rejoices for you as well. you are a great mom...you learned that somewhere. i know your mama would be proud of you. from one mommy to another, Happy Mother's Day! love you, girlie!

Adam said...

You were such a cute little girl. Sorry Mother's Day is so bittersweet for you. Talk to you soon.


urbancurtsy said...

Mothers day is sort of a crazy day full of mixed emotions. You are blessed, and your mom would love your family.

stephanie [the merry way] said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Mother's Day is hard - I can't imagine - keep your chin up and yes, I agree, it's about you being a mama to those three kiddos!

Jami said...

That is one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen! Very sweet! And on a side note...i love your hair ;)

shelly said...

I'm bawling. Love you Tiffany.

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