how bob harper and homeschooling fit into one post...

i've found the best ever math program for my kids!  since i'm so excited about it, i just had to share.  for those of you who don't homeschool, you'll have to just bear with me here for a bit.

the math curriculum my kids had a year ago was great!  my youngest two kids wanted to take their math books to bed!!  that's how much they liked it, but then our online program created their own program which i hated.  i tried to stick with it, but just recently decided that it wasn't going to work.  we needed something fun and fresh...

and teaching textbooks has come to my rescue!! 

it's amazing!!!!!

we started yesterday and my daughter has done 11 lessons so far!  she was begging me to let her do just one more before she went to bed!  if a company can create something that my kids are that excited about, then they've hit the jackpot!  my son also has done 10 lessons so it's a big hit around here so far.

each lesson starts with a lecture on the computer (which is great) then they have practice problems.  if they get one wrong, they have the option to see the solution explained and then move on.  it also grades automatically.  as a parent, i can see how many questions they got wrong, how many times they tried a specific question and if they viewed the solution.  

so, if you are looking for a math curriculum for your kids, or even if they just need a little more help in math that they might not be getting at school, this is a great program!  

i'm officially in love!

oh, and i'm also in love with this too:

i did this workout yesterday and let me tell you it was hard.  sweat was seeping out of every pore, my shirt was stuck to my body and i felt all stinky and gross.  so, i guess it was a really good workout.  and c'mon folks, who doesn't like bob harper?  ;-)

i was talking to my sister in law yesterday and jokingly said that it might not be hard enough...yeah, i take that back.  it's good.  i haven't done that many push ups all year.  serious.  
have you guys found anything great lately?  let me know!



virginiamae said...

It always feels so good to sweat and be sore after a workout. It's a fav =) Good to know. May have to check out that dvd.

Danene said...

I just got Branden's math curriculum for next year in the mail-- it's like Christmas... I get so excited!

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