if i were more organized

{this picture has nothing to do with this post other than it's cute}

 i would have all of the blogs i read and follow put into my bloglovin account.  but, i don't.  and so, that means that i have some blogs on my sidebar {that i may or may not follow}, blogs i do follow in my google reader, and then the blogs i read in bloglovin. even more confusing is i have some of the same blogs in all 3 places!

this may not sound like much of a problem, but really, it would just be so much easier if they were all in one place.  that means, however, that i would have to get all of the blog addresses for the blogs i want to read and add them manually into bloglovin if they aren't listed.  mine wasn't so i had to add it myself.  i felt like such a dork adding my own blog to bloglovin.  oh well, i guess we all have to start somewhere!

i've been busy though and so when i have a few minutes to peruse my favorite blogs, i'd like to be able to click through quick!  i'm pretty sure i'm not alone here.  

does anyone have a system that's quick and easy?  
better than google reader, because i hate that!  after reading a good post, i have to click onto the blog and go there to comment.  bloglovin is so much easier.

i also suppose that if i wasn't so lazy, i'd just sit here for 15 minutes and get it all squared away. 

but i'm tired. i just finished shoveling out the grass growing over my sidewalk and now i feel like i'm going to puke.  i guess i really am out of shape.  and, that's depressing.  

in other news, have you all heard of very jane?  it's like groupon or living social but for indie business folks.  i get an email every morning with a great deal and have been super tempted to order a load of times.  just the other day they had electic whatnot ruffled camera strap covers at 50% off!  my husband and i share "his" dslr and i'm pretty sure he doesn't want a turquoise ruffled strap around his neck.

it's a great site, so you should go and sign up!  


virginiamae said...

I have my top sites on my mac & then I just look through the blogger dashboard & then I click on the links on my blog. Not very efficient either ;-) Someone needs to invent an app that automatically logs your favorite sites if you have looked at them more than 2 times a week. & then just "hides" them away if you don't, recommending them back again every once in awhile. How 'bout that!? =)

urbancurtsy said...

I just check them out when I can :) which isn't very often these days. I have spring fever and being at the comp isn't super exciting right now. But I stopped by to see what you've posted! Yay!

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