keeping busy

blogging around here has been a bit slow the last week or so, and i guess i feel like i have to give an excuse or something.  know the feeling?

here's the rundown of what i've been up to lately:

1.  i finally saw water for elephants.  it was more than i even thought it was going to be.  r-pats was super adorably hunky.  there were a few shots where his lips were red, his teeth were white and his eyes sparkled like blue diamonds.   it was ah-ma-zing.  go see it.  i promise you will like it!

2.  my honey took me for some shnoo yougurt.  it's my fave.  yogurt, fruit on top, it's soo much better than ice cream!

3.  grandma and grandpa babysat so we could go play pickleball.  two solid hours of non stop action.  i was stinky as all get out when i left.  love that.  

4.  i finally got restocked on the staple of my diet; zoi greek yogurt in honey.  i could really live on the stuff!  a few blackberries on top and i'm in heaven.

5.  i finished my slipcover!  *squealing with excitement*  pictures to come soon!

6.  i woke up one morning last week and my hips hurt like heck.  still do. and since google has replaced solid medical advice, i think i have endometriosis and that it's spreading to my hip ligaments making them  hurt.  really, no joke.

7.  even though i felt like a rockstar making my own slipcover, my sister in law went out, bought all the supplies, and made one in like a day.  such a show off!  ;-)

8.  all i want to do right now is watch survivor, but for some reason my husband values our children's  physical health more than our tv time and he's got them doing the nightly workout.

anyone still reading this?



Alicia said...

yeah!! you finished!!! can't wait to see!!

virginiamae said...

That's better, I was going on withdrawals, but you're excused since you GOT SO MUCH DONE! ;-)
Yay! I googled about my ear ringing (day 4 now -argh!) and I either need to yawn and chew gum or I'm going to have a stroke. I'm not a Dr. Google fan, it doesn't help my anxiety ;-)
Can't wait to see pics!

urbancurtsy said...

I am looking forward to seeing yours. Coffee time was fun yesterday, I miss our decorating talks. Looking forward to my summer off! See ya. I wanted schnoo last night!

Amy said...

Can't wait to see the slipcover and I LOVE greek yogurt. I use it in place of syrup, plus some sliced strawberries, and I'm in heaven.

Cheri F. said...

I have no idea what "schnoo" means so I must be out of touch. I'm sitting here anxiously awaiting pictures of the slipcover. :) I'd check back later but then you may think I'm a stalker. Love ya.

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