a party, a papasan and a purchase!

a party:

we had my daughter's very belated birthday party this past weekend.  i had been stressing for days getting everything ready and in the end i only have about 10 pictures to show for all my hard work!  i didn't even get pictures of the mini treats i made!  i guess if i was a "true" blogger, i would have had my camera swinging around my neck the whole time taking 300 pictures!  

we had gooey caramel brownies with ice cream and whipped cream.  ohh, they were good!


a papasan:

last summer my husband bought a brown papasan chair at a garage sale.  i wasn't too thrilled with the purchase at the time, but it did get used a lot out on our covered porch.  my husband and kids would snuggle up and read out there.  

well, the other day i got to thinking about it sitting outside and brought it into my living room.  there were only 2 problems:

1.  the wood was brown
2.  the cushion was brown

since my slipcover turned out so fabulously, i thought i could just sew up a new cover for the thing, but then i remembered papasan cushions were on sale at pier 1.   i went poking through the website and found one i absolutely fell in love with!

i ended up getting the cushion before my daughter's party, but hadn't gotten around to painting it yet.  

here's a shot with the new cushion.  
{i never did get a proper "before" picture of the brown cushion--oops!}

i had to use 3 cans of spray paint, but i still need another can.  the base still needs some touch up, but it looks good for now!

everyone likes it.  the kids fight over who gets to sit in it, and the dog has taken to sleeping in it at night. 

even though my husband wasn't thrilled with what i had done; he found me spraying away when he pulled into the driveway coming home from work and gave me a thumbs down.  but, ironically enough, my spray painting solved a problem we had.  the new cushion was so soft, it was slipping out of the "bowl" because the wood was so smooth.  now, that i painted it, it's not as slippery, and the cushion stays put!

a purchase:

i love myself a good thrift store. our local value village used to be great, but it's prices are slowing climbing to a point where i could just as easily shop the clearance section of target to get a better deal...

except, my son reads incessantly, and we'd be in the poorhouse if i didn't supply his book reading habit from the thrift store. 

it was monday and as soon as we walked into the store and i noticed just how many people were there i realized my mistake.  let me tell you that monday's the worst day to go because it's a tag day.  everything of a certain tag is 99 cents.  all the crazies come out to "get a good deal" and i avoid going on tag days at all costs.  the potential savings isn't enough to sucker me in. but, we were already there and so my son went to look for some books.  i hiked back to the pillow area and much to my surprise, i found 5 pillow forms for 99 cents each!  


now i just have to decide what kind of pillows i want on my couch!

any ideas?

oh, and thanks for reading the longest post ever!



Alicia said...

yeah for good deals!! that chair looks ultra comfy...and happy day to your little girlie :)


virginiamae said...

It was nice to "catch up" =) I'd say a thumbs up, but I'm a paint lover ;-)

virginiamae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farmgirl Paints said...

that is a score! WOW. i used to have a papizon chair. So comfortable. i recovered mine with a blanket just tucked in around the back.

Danene said...

We have a papasan chair that the boys love to use in their fort making endeavors. Yours looks great and I do love the cushion... very pretty!

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