how does your garden grow?

 i am beyond blessed to have a husband who's passionate about gardening.  and he tries to go organic all the way.  this has meant we quit growing some crops that are prone to lots of bugs.  but, for the most part we can still grow all the crops we love.  

wanna know the best part about having a garden bigger than the footprint of my house?  it's that my husband does almost all of the work.  don't get me wrong, i do help, {a little}.  

when the crop really gets hearty, he's out there watering, weeding and harvesting.  if all that wasn't enough, he also cooks!  he a fabulous chef and i eat better during the summer than any other time of the year.  

 i just can't tell you how much i love our {well, mostly his} garden.  

tomato, onion and cucumber sandwiches are such a sweet treat when it's all been grown in own garden.

 oh, tomatoes!  my favorite.  last year we had such a cool summer here in the great pacific northwest that the tomato harvest for most was nil.  it was a great tragedy.  i'm still bitter over it.  based on the weather thus far, i've got my fingers crossed so tight they might lose circulation and fall off.  i'm hoping that doesn't happen.  

how would i pick my nose?  


i love my husband's garden.

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Alicia said...

wow! you're garden is beautiful! and huge! i hope ours does well this year too...it's so fun to pick your crop at the end of the summer.

virginiamae said...

Yes, I'd love your garden too (and your hubby for all of his hard work!) Wow!
I'm trying to avoid awkward comments I always seem to leave you, but I think I did it again - ha ha!
Anyway, thanks for linking up and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

virginiamae said...

Oh, and bummed we didn't chat today! Call me when you have time again.

Bonita Rose said...

your garden looks amazing!

Danene said...

I am so jealous! I planted lots of seeds a couple months ago and I got NOTHING!! I just re-weeded, bought some starts and as soon as the weather warms a bit- I'll try again!! My fingers are crossed with you!! I would love some heat and sunshine!!

chantilly said...

wow, your husband rocks!! looks like a beautiful garden :)


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