saturday snapshot

my husband is a talented photographer and everytime i look at any of his pictures i am so grateful he has such a gift for it!  he has a way of turning the ordinary in our lives into something so magical.  plus, it helps that he can make us all look better than we really do!  and there's always lots of talk about angles and lighting....etc.  isn't this picture just stunning?  i may be biased, but i sure think so!

this is the view from my driveway and even though this picture wasn't 
taken today, this is *almost exactly* what it looks like outside right now. 

{who says it's summer?}

so thanks babe for taking such amazing pictures!  

you're awesome!

i'm linking up to yellow songbird for saturday snapshot!



sarah said...

a very lovely photo by your husband!! :) have a blessed weekend!!

Kelly said...

this photo is A+mazing. it's so beautiful! good job hubs.

Kim said...

love having a photographer hubby :)

Alicia said...

that is a gorgeous shot! i'd love jarrod to take photos...then maybe i'd be IN some :) haha!!

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