i'm baaack! {and some blog awards}

{i love this picture.  the way his face is all shushed up.  too cute!}
before the summer began i had such high hopes of blogging everyday!  obviously, that didn't happen, and while i've missed documenting our lives all summer, we certainly had a lot of fun.  

i've got a gazillion things to share, but first i'd like to graciously accept the "irresistibly sweet award" from lana over at my design my life!!  

thanks lana! 

it seems i must include:
*7 random facts about myself
*a thank you to the kind lady who nominated me with a link to her blog
*and pass it along to 8 other bloggers!


  1. the thought of having to think of 7 things you guys might find interesting is really scary.   i could sit here for an hour trying to be witty or funny or interesting.  in the end, it might just be totally boring and i'm hoping that's okay?
  2. i chew on the inside of my cheek and sometimes when my husband catches me, he smacks me right in the face.   he's just trying to prevent me from getting oral cancer....it's sweet really.
  3. i tuck my socks into my sweats when i got to bed, and if i'm wearing a hoodie, i'll put the hood up and pull the strings tight.  like when your camping and you don't want to get mosquito bites.  except, there are no mosquitos in my bedroom!
  4. i've battled chewing my finger nails since i was a kid and can go years without doing it.  i've just recently quit again and have my nails back!!  
  5. i'm addicted to coffee and my recent aquisition of an espresso machine has made my life complete.
  6. i adore these lip glosses from bath and body works.  i have 20 or so, and they are stuffed into every purse, bag and hoodie pocket i have.  plus, they are still good after they go through the washer and they won't ruin your clothes.
  7. if i was you and reading this list, i would think i was a little ocd. but, i don't think i am.  hmmm. do you?
i'm passing this on in random order to:
  1. amy over at amy's spoonful of sugar.  i've met her in person and she's super fab!
  2. virginia from geeky and sassy.  she is all kinds of nice.   really.  plus, she's super talented!
  3. alicia at lafamille.  it just doesn't seem right not to pass it along to her.  if anyone is irresistibly sweet, it's her! and, her fall etsy line is coming out today!! 
  4. linda at simply.spendid.living.  she added me to her sidebar, and well, that's just nice!  she's got these adorable boys and seems really sweet!
  5. fly with me.  i've just started reading her blog, but it's so uplifting!  plus, she likes addison road and so do i, so we were meant to like each other!
  6. shannon at flowerpatchfarmgirl.  she's the funnies gal ever, i wish i was that funny.  some people have all the luck!!
  7. lissa at keepitsimplekeepitfresh, formerly humblepie.  lissa's clean house and good food really inspire me.  i need a dose of what she's got!
  8. crystal at littlebitfunky.  she has the most adorable etsy shop and she blogs straight from the heart!!
if you don't read these blogs, go and check 'em out!  they are irresistibly sweet ...  ;-)



Kelly said...

aww, your so sweet. thanks for the award.
i chew on my cheek to. yuck. my mom just had to have a build up on her lip cut off and cauterized. it was pretty gross it looked like someone burnt her with a cigarette.
it pretty much cured me.

Lissa said...

thank you so much fro the kind mention! I really appreciate it! I think i might bite my cheek sometimes too and coffee is probably my favorite thing in the whole world.

Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

You made my day Tiffany! Looking forward to you posting more, and thank you so much for including me...I'll be thinking of you during my next cup of joe. It must be such a treat having your own espresso machine, did you promise yourself you wouldn't visit Starbucks for the next year? : )

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I LOVE that you rock your hood at night!

And I have a crush on those lipglosses, too.

And....thank you so much for your sweet words. I'm not really that funny. It's a big charade.


Amy said...

Thanks so much miss Tiffany!! What a nice thing for you to say that I'm fab.

I love this and will be following suit tomorrow!

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