living room re-do!

my living room has been in a state of transition for what seems like forever.  i've sewn slipcovers for both couches, painted, repainted, found some great things at garage sales, and just spruced up the space.  

there are still a few things i'd like to do, but overall, i'm really happy with how it turned out. 

i'm linking up with gussy sews for her inspiration workshop and i thought it would be nice to show you my actual living room.  i do like looking through all of the posts and seeing these amazing rooms off pinterest, but honestly, how many people have houses like that?  what about if we all just showed each other our "real" living rooms?  wouldn't that be more fun?  wouldn't it be nice to see other "regular" people's houses?  i know i would.  it's hard to get to know someone if all you see is their wishes...and never who they really are

i'm just a regular girl, who's not rich {or poor} and i'm not able to decorate my home straight out of the pottery barn catalog.  and that's okay with me!   i feel like i put my heart and soul into making it a place i really love spending time in! 

almost everything in here was found at garage sales or given to me.  the couches we bought years ago and i sewed slipcovers for them this year.  

the table really needs redone, and i started sanding it, but that was taking forever, so i quit working on it for now.

for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while i haven't shown you the slipcover and pillows i made for the loveseat. i finished it ages ago, but just never got around to posting!
{i was standing by the green cabinet in the first picture}

i just got those locker baskets on the table for $2 total at a garage sale.  so, i filled them with old books, but i'm not sure if they look right sitting on the table.  what do you think?

the green cabinet i fell in love with at a garage sale and sort of snatched it up right out from a woman who was looking at it.  it was so cute, and i just immediately knew where i wanted to put it and what was going to go inside!!!  

here is the corner where our wood fireplace is.  it's always made the room harder to layout since i don't have any wall space and it takes up the whole corner of the room.

see the sign up top?  ooh, such a special piece from alicia at lafamille!  
thanks alicia...isn't it beautiful?

i also found this barnwood corner cabinet at a garage sale last year for $15.  i really paid $30 since i paid her twice.  i had to go back to get it in our van and she said we didn't pay her.  i honestly couldn't remember and my husband wasn't there so i just paid her.  my hubby and i talked about it once i got home and we really did pay her twice.  i honestly believe she wasn't trying to rip me off, but i won't make that mistake again.  

this is right in a little nook where the kitchen is off to the right and a hallway is to the left.

oh, i also just got these old crates this summer too...$6 total for both!  

aren't they adorable?  plus, the yellow coca-cola crate is in one of the pottery barn catalogs right now!
so, i have good taste!  ;-)
but, you can clearly see that!!  
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


kinze said...

coming from gussy sews ... and i am lovin' your living room ... makes me want to drink a hot cup of tea on your couch and prop my feet up :) and i am lovin' your blog ... nice to meet you!

Amy said...

Oh I love, love, love it!!!! I love the white slipcovers and if I had more than a tiny bit of sewing talent I would attempt it. But I don't!! So I will drool over yours and wish I had some!! And I love the books in the bins. It looks perfect! And the green cabinet? I need to go yard sale-ing with you! YOu seem to know where all the good stuff is. Great job!!

moreygirl said...

Love that you showed your own room! I did too! I thought it was dumb to post pinterest stuff when nobody's rooms look like that too:) I love the green cabinet! And so cool filled with the games ... Heather aka moreygirl

Alicia said...

wowzas!! there's alot going on over here!! look at your new blog look! love your living room. your slipcovers are divine and your board looks too cute on that brick! :)

LuuLuu said...

Hello Friend of Mine! You are an amazing and creative person. I admire your craftiness and garage sale finds. I absolutely love your living room. My living room has yet to be changed but it's REAL. :) Talk to you soon.

amanda said...

LOVES!!! I also linked up our REAL living space! :) Come visit me sometime. I SWEAR our living areas are the SAME color. Love your blog!

Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

I love you living room! You do have great tastes, each piece feels warm and quaint, plus everything is tied together in a airy-fresh way!

Mandy said...

tiff, it's really scary how alike we are in style. i'm sure we have several of the same or similar things. i need to come up there and flea market shop with you!

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