a lot about a latte...

i've been super lucky this summer at garage sales and scored some awesome deals.  

this one i'm going to show you may very well be my all time garage sale find.  

and it isn't because i got the best deal {although i really did} or that it's the cutest thing you've ever seen, but i'm addicted to coffee, so this find just perfectly feeds my addiction!

say hello to my $49 starbucks sirena espresso machine!

isn't she a beauty?  if you're interested in getting one, they do still sell them HERE on amazon, but, i'm sorry to tell you it will cost you $650 more than i paid for mine!!!  or you could go the refurbished route, but that will still cost you $260.  

oh, so yeah, i scored a $700 espresso machine for $49.  how cool is that?  

i've made myself and my hubby a latte every morning since we got it.  sometimes we'll even have an afternoon iced latte too.  i honestly don't even know how i lived without it.
being able to make my own latte's at home has completely cured me of wanting to go to starbucks.   that thought hasn't even crossed my mind since we got it.  i couldn't even imagine walking into starbucks now and paying $4 for i latte i can make myself. 

besides, i think i make a pretty darn good caramel macchiato!

have any of you guys found good deals out garage sale-ing this summer?  i've got a 3 part post coming up soon of all my finds, so stay tuned! 

have a great weekend!



Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

That looks perfect!

Pine Tree Home said...

Mnnnn, I love lattes. Huge Chai Tea fan. Thanks for popping by my blog. So glad to have found you too.

Esther said...

i can'tbelieve you found this at a garage sale! great eye! great luck! love garage sales.

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