saturday soccer

my youngest son started soccer for the first time this year.  saturday was his first jamboree game.  i don't know what it is about 7 year old boys playing soccer, but they are just too darn cute, and i end up smiling the whole time! 

besides, how could you NOT love this face?  

{at least i know the pictures are going to turn out...they are so expensive!}

we ended up with a no score game this time, but i think after we clarify a few of the rules to our guys, they'll do well.  

#1.  you can move from your position.

i felt a twinge of guilt when i snapped this picture!  the coach told him where to stand, and the poor kid didn't know he could move.  so, as the ball went rolling by and all of us on the sidelines were telling him to run, he just looked at us and put his hands up.  oh, i felt so sorry for him, but it was priceless!

#2.  staying all together won't help us score

isn't this funny?  i think 2/3rds of the team was in this big circle.  it was like that for a huge portion of the game.  they all just ran around together like they were tied up with rubber bands. 
in the end, when the game was over, i missed my best picture opportunity.  my son did a cartwheel on his way off the field!  a little bit embarrassing, but cute too.

i love soccer season!


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Alicia said...

horray!! what a little stud! happy fall, huh?!

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