highs and lows of the past week

{here's a sneak peek at my erin condren planner--full post coming soon!}

remember my last post about how i was cleaning my house in case i got sick?  yeah, well, i did manage to get it clean, and i didn't get sick then.  but, we had a busy few days and the house sort of went to pot and it wasn't until almost all of my dishes were piled high in the sink that i got sick....along with my husband and two kids.

so here i am, on the up and up, but with a sore throat from you know where.  even though the body aches, chills, headache and stomach pains have passed i can still only eat popsicles. 

the highs
  1. my father in law watched my kids so i could get a mani/pedi with a giftcard i got from a friend.
  2. i got my erin condren planner and fixed the tabs (more on that later)
  3. thanksgiving was pretty fun, good food, cribbage, class struggle, cookie decorating!
  4. we went to another wrestling tournament and my boys both took 1st place again!
  5. eventhough my daughter was sick, she still wanted to wrestle and won her last match.
the lows
  1. when i was getting my manicure, i took off my wedding ring (which i only do when i'm making meatballs or getting manicures--neither of which happen very often) and left it at the salon.  i called and they said they never saw it.  yeah, right!  so, it's gone for good i suppose, and that's really sad.
  2. my computer's still broken and i can't access any of my pictures which means the groupon i bought to make $100 worth of picaboo books (that expire at the end of december) is more than likely going to waste.
  3. a bottle of triaminic somehow fell off the coffee table, spilled all over the floor and was being soaked up by my slipcover.  it's in the wash, and i hope it comes out.
since i've basically been watching tv with the kids for the past 2 days straight, i've seen my share of dvr'd christmas movies, and watched a lot of animal cops.  but, i would like to know when one of my favorite shows went down the road to totally inappropriate. 

family fued...do you know what i'm talking about?  i haven't watched that shows in a long time, and i'm pretty sure the last time i saw it an old white guy was the host.  but, the two times i turned it on, thinking the kids might also like it, they were talking about sex!  before i could press pause the host said, "name one way you can spice up your sex life."  i can only imagine what was going to be given as an answer, and i'm so not ready to explain any of that!! 

i'm sorry family fued, but you won't be a family favorite here.  since we're on the topic of game shows (in the most random post ever) i think that america's funniest home videos is going the same way.  there have been a few comments made that have been very questionable.  my kids are getting pretty old and it won't be long before the really know what he's getting at.  

oh, and just one more.  has anyone else seen the previews for a movie about finding a sexy santa?  my youngest likes to repeat quotes from tv, and right after we saw the preview, he says," it's just like american idol, only with hot dudes."   this is abc family????  the same channel with ratatouille and monters inc? 

it won't be long until my kids won't be able to watch tv at all.  tell me i'm not alone here? 

anyone?  okay, i'm stepping off my soap box, for now.



LuuLuu said...

Oh Tiffany! How did I know something was up! I hope you get better soon. I am sorry to hear about those lows. We will talk about that later. But I did enjoy the highlights of your week! :)
FYI television is getting worse. No filtration at all! Sometimes I like the fact of not having a television. Kids absorb so much.
I love you guys and get well!!

Alicia said...

oh my gosh, girl!!! what to comment on this post??? ummmmmm. you need a hug. a big one. the wedding ring. UGH!!! but you have a cool planner. a really cool planner. soooo.... sorry.

Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

Wow what a week, you're so brave...I'd be pulling my hair out and crying! You hang in there, I'll be praying for you! Sure hope you have a better week and really enjoy this special time of year.

LuuLuu said...

Ok so you will have to see that I changed my url name to www.basicluu.blogspot.com. Also my layout is just simple right now. Check it out. I am experimenting at the moment. No expectations ;)

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