it's been a while

i can hardly believe how long it's been since i last blogged. 

ready for some random?

1. things have just been falling apart around here, starting with my beloved apple desktop...and without it, i'm stuck on our dinosaur of a laptop.  it's slow, and for some weird reason, it wouldn't let me sign into google.  i tinkered around a bit and finally--i'm in! 

2. soccer's done, and we're already knee deep into wrestling.  three nights a week, 2 1/2 hours and that doesn't even count tournaments on saturdays!  but, it's great exercise and the kids really love it.  our daughter is even doing it this year too! 

3. our dear friends had a baby this past weekend and i knit up a quick little baby hat. 

this really knit up in just a few hours.  after i was done, i wondered why i don't make some more!!

4. i've wasted too many hours on pinterest lately, and a friend and i even made something we pinned!  imagine that!

5. i spent all day yesterday doing laundry and i'm finally caught up.  i can't tell you how good that feels!

that's enough random for today!

happy tuesday girls!



Anonymous said...

Love that hat! :) -Rachel

Alicia said...

love that hat too!! and yes! you've been gone too long!! :) don't be a stranger, sista...

virginiamae said...

So wish your computer were fixed =S

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