up all night.

my little guy woke up puking in the middle of the night.


as he vomitted all over the hallway, i instantly woke up and could hear it splatter all over the floor.  and then i knew the rest of my night would be spent mopping up puke from who knows where, washing blankets from the bed he couldn't get out of fast enough and hoping i don't acquire whatever sickness he has spewed all over the house.  since i was up, i watched hoarders and the real housewives of beverly hills.

as of this morning he's looking better and i'm praying the rest of us stay healthy.  i realize thanksgiving is in a few days (i won't die if we miss that) but i'm more concerned about our wrestling tournament on saturday!  two saturdays ago, both of my boys wrestled #1 at the first tournament we went to.  my youngest (the puker) even got a shout out in the wrestling newsletter! 

so, the rest of my day is going to be spent cleaning and doing laundry.  if i do end up sick, i'd like to be able to vomit in a clean house.  you do know what i mean, right?

here's a few things i'm dying to make after pinning them on pinterest:

Source: google.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

i guess i've got the christmas bug!  it's hard not to when there are such cute things to make all over pinterest!

i had planned on getting all the supplies i needed for the advent calendar today, seeing how i don't have much time to make it before december, but i don't think it would be appropriate to take a sick kid to buy felt at joanns.  because i would never do something like that--except that one time i took a really sick kid to target so i could buy a pair of boots that were on clearance sprite and crackers! 



Alicia said...

sorry about your little guy...i would never do a thing like that either ;)

Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

Sorry your little guy was sick! Hope you don't catch it, but know what you mean about being sick in a clean house, ha! Happy Thanksgiving to you Tiff!

LuuLuu said...

Hi Friend!
I hope you all didn't catch the bug...We have not heard from you since before Thanksgiving. Husband and I tried to contact you but no one was home. :( Seems like a long time. Are you guys ok???

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