i've been a bad blogger...

way back at the beginning of the month, my dear blogging friend alicia over at la famille bestowed me with a blog love award.  i was so flattered and touched, but since i had never been so lucky to have anything like that happen to me, i wasn't sure if i was supposed to pass it on or what!!  when  i talked to her about it she said i could or not, but i said i would.  

i guess it's just been a crazy busy month and i had been putting it off because, since i'm pretty new at the whole blogging thing, it seems ridiculous for me to pass it on to anyone else!  i suppose i feel like i'm a total no one and it just wouldn't mean anything to anyone else.  so, i'm leaving my comfort zone here and am going to pass this along to a couple of my favorite bloggers who have inspired me. 

and, even though this probably isn't allowed (who cares about rules?) i'm passing it back to alicia.  she is really such an inspiration to me.  her passion for homeschooling her children is constantly a reminder to me just how special the time i have with my kids really is.  birthday parties at her house are so cool, and if i had an ounce of her creativity, my kids would think i'm super awesome.  

{i told you, she's super cute!}
 besides all that, she's just plain adorable. and sweet. and open.  and has a rockin' etsy shop!

she even had her pillows featured in country living magazine!!



i "met" her through the indie business 3.0 class and she was one of those people you like right away!  really, she is so nice.  i mean, she even shared some pretty top secret business tips with me.  so, that just goes to show how awesome she is.  plus, her etsy shop is filled with some amazing pillows.  great fabrics and ruffles!  oh, how i love me some ruffles!!


plus, she's also having a 20% off sale right now!!  go see her shop here!


becky, from farmgirl paints, has a blog i have to read every day.  

Farmgirl Paints

her openness about her life, kids and her art is refreshing.  her writing keeps me coming back for more and i am just in awe of all that she's accomplished!  

her cuffs are to die for, seriously!  go look here and see if you can resist the temptation to order one for yourself!  

i couldn't!! 

each one of these gals has a blog and an etsy shop that won't disappoint! 
each one is genuinely kind and superbly talented!  if you don't already read their blogs, you will be soon.  i guarantee they will be at the top of your list!


{also, i apologize to all three of you for stealing pics off your blogs without asking...forgive me?}


easter 2011

the kids and i are recovering from the easter weekend!

we ate, drank and were merry... mostly.

yesterday was also my daughter's 9th birthday.  they grow up so fast...

on the agenda for today? well, my house is a mess, we have school to do, and of course i have a slipcover to finish!  

i'm leaving you with a few photos of the day, enjoy!

we managed to get a couple of family shots when it wasn't raining...

 the kids had fun finding eggs too.  some even had money and mcdonald's cash!

here's my little girl, she's growing into such a sweet young lady!



moving at a tortoise pace

getting myself motivated to finish my stupid slipcover has not been easy. remember this post on my progress?

{keep in mind this post was march 3rd!  that was a long time ago...}
but, today the sun came out, and i felt all ready to accomplish something.  plus, when i was on the phone with my sweet friend yesterday, she was just full of encouragement!  so, i cut out the skirt for the bottom of my sofa and i got to pinning.  

except, when i was about 1/2 way done pinning, i realized i had put the slipcover on right side out and pinned the wrong side of the ruffle to the right side of my cover.  

if you don't know sewing, i just completely screwed up.  all i have to say is at least i caught it before i had pinned the whole thing, or heaven forbid, sewed it on!!!

now, i'm back at square one.  i have to unpin, flip the cover, and re-pin.  


the only "good" thing that came out of this situation is i have a better idea how adorable it will look when i'm done...because aren't those ruffles cute???



pretending it's spring...

even though i feel like spring should be knocking at my front door, all i've gotten lately is bunch of rain and hail...even some frost this morning!

while i was peeking through some of my favorite blogs last week i came across this:

i was instantly smitten.  so, the first chance i got, i ran to home depot and picked up a couple cans of spray paint in white and yellow.  then, i got three bunches of tulips on sale at qfc. 

i haven't had much luck with spray paint in the past and i just figured i hadn't learned the art of the sweeping motion.  you know what i mean?  if you don't do it right, you'll end up with running spray paint and it won't be even?  yeah, well up until this weekend, that was me!  

this spray paint is the best!  truly!  try it for yourself. 

once i started, i was itching to find something else to spray.  i had gotten this fruit basket at ross years ago.  originally it was a rusty color, but just look what 5 minutes and a little spray paint can do...

i'm low on fruit, so i added tomatoes and bananas just so it wouldn't be empty.  
i'm just going to pretend it's spring, at least when i'm in my kitchen ;-)



getting my craft on!

homeschool coop ended this past friday {boo-hoo} so i had to come up with a cute, quick, and inexpensive craft for the kids to give out to their teachers!

i just happened to see these all made up and ready to be given away while i was at church and i thought they would be just perfect as teacher gifts!  

the kids loved making them and they turned out better than i expected too!

i just used a sharp knife to open the top and then dumped the egg down the drain.  my husband asked me if i really had just wasted 12 eggs, and it was only then did i realize i could have used them!!

what can i say? i was in a hurry and apparently not thinking!

it's been awhile since the kids have made anything crafty, so they were thrilled!  i know, because they were also eager to have their pictures taken.

the cupcake liners were losing their shape rather quickly so i had to improvise.  i used mulit colored egg dye cups to house the shreds and egg.  
it worked perfectly and i had egg-actly the right amount i needed!
he he he ;-)

adorable little chicks and bunnies poking out of the flowers....too cute!

i just can't say how much i loved these. 
the teachers did too, so they are officially a hit! 
i was also thinking they could make cute place settings at easter!

oh, and tomorrow i have the most darling thing to show you, so come back!



saturday snapshot

i'm back with another saturday snapshot.  linking up to yellow songbird again.
i'm really getting to love these!  what a fun way to share part of our lives with each other!

this is one of my favorite pictures of my son and husband.  don't they  just look so cute?

the beach is dash point and it's about thirty minutes away from our house but it hold a special meaning for me.  after my mother died, we spread her ashes there since it was her favorite place!  so, it's nice to be able to go with my family and also remember my mom too.  but, in a fun way...not sad like it would be if we went to the cemetery.  because cemetery's are sad places, i think!

i hope you girls all have a great weekend!



procrastination is the name of my game

some household chores are easy, some are time consuming, others no one wants to do, and then there's the ones that have to be done almost every day, like the dishes, or the laundry.  these are the ones i have the hardest time with.  

take this here pile of clean clothes:

i have washed, dried and dumped these clothes on the couch.  i guess, i figure someone else will fold them and put them away for me.  it's a crazy idea i know, but i'm still hoping.

it's completely obvious i should be folding these clothes instead of doing other things, but it's just those times where i decide my time would be better spent painting doors or working on some other non necessary project.  
which is what i've done.  painting doors, i mean.  ever since i painted my walls, the blue doors have really stuck out like a sore thumb, and i have wanted to give them a fresh coat of paint, and instead of doing what needs to be done, i've taken on something silly.  

just like instead of painting doors (or folding laundry) i should be finishing up my slipcover.  i know my couch will look so much nicer if i just bite the bullet and finish.  the truth is, i'm stuck.  the project just doesn't sound like fun, and so i haven't even touched it for weeks.  it' s probably the best thing i could do for my living room and yet i just don't do it.  i can just picture in my head how cute my living room will be if i can just sew the ruffles to the bottom of my slipcover and sit back admiring it's ruffleness. 

and isn't that the way it goes in life too?  we know what needs to be done but because it doesn't sound like fun, we just let it slide.  sometimes is something small and doesn't affect anyone else, but most times, even the simplest acts can change someone's day for the better.  
just like my laundry...if i just do it, my family will be blessed.  my kids won't have to search through a giant pile to find something to wear.  my husband won't ask me where his underwear is, and their lives will be easier because of my hard work.  

so, i'm off to bless my family by folding their clothes and putting them away neatly!

but before i go, you should know, i finished the door!  

and, doesn't it look nice?

have a great weekend girls,



just because i think you'll smile when you watch this:

yeah, so yesterday while talking about nouns, verbs and all those fun grammar things, my youngest son decided everything would be more fun if he could talk in his "funny" accent!

Untitled from thetwistedruffle on Vimeo.

yes, i love that kid.  

this is just one of the reasons why i love teaching my kids.  they can be goofy and silly while they're learning and i have a feeling a "regular" teacher wouldn't think this was quite as endearing as i do!!

homeschooling is super fun!

one of my super favorite bloggers, alicia, just did a series on why they homeschool and a little more about how it all works.  go check out the series on her blog: la famille


updated to add:  for those of you who are looking closely, don't mind the march sign, my kids do know it's april!!


it's been too long

...since i have read a good book.  

the last good book i can remember reading was a couple of summers ago when my husband and i went to chicago for a week while he was attending a work conference.  i had most of the day to poke around the heart of chicago meandering into cute little shops and cafe's.  

{ it was too much fun!!  i could just live in downtown chicago.  it was so beautiful.}
 one of those days i went into the local barnes and noble and picked up a copy of water for elephants.  it was so good and i was almost done reading it on flight home when i realized my copy had an error.  about 40 pages or so was missing and were replaced with the last 40 pages i had just read.  it was such a disappointment not to be able to finish the book!  i had to wait a few days before we could go and exchange my bad copy for a good one!  

some time last year i had run across a blog that was talking about how they were making the movie with robert pattinson and reece witherspoon.  that was also long before they even had a trailer for the thing, but they did have pictures of the shooting.  and it just looked marvelous.

needless to say, i've been counting the days since then for the theatrical release. just 10 more days!  anyone else waiting to see it?

well, my husband who's a total book hoarder had a copy of les miserables laying around and it wasn't until then that i noticed just how pretty the cover of the book was.  the pages looked old and the cover had great texture.  i just finished reading it this morning.  it's the kind of story that leaves you wanting more, wishing that it would never end.  a story full of tragedy and sadness, but also filled with hope.

oh how i wish it could have lasted longer.  i tend to read in such a hurry-just trying to reach the end.  but, this time i really tried to savor every word.  still, i couldn't put it down and was eager to finish.

i realize i may be the late on the train for reading this great book, but i can't say i would have appreciated it in the same capacity as if i had read it in high school.  i've always loved reading, and as a girl i read more than i think i played outside.  i was an only child and even though i had friends, i would much preferred to be reading in my closet! 

i'm including a link for the version i read.  i'm not sure if it matters, but there is a notation on the cover of mine that says it's been adapted for the modern reader.  there was also quite an interesting snippet in the introduction that reads:

Les Miserables is one of the longest novels in any language...has no less than 2.550 pages...only one third of the whole book deals with the real story.

interesting, no?

all this to try and sway you to pick up a copy and read the darn thing.  

i also saw they may be making a new movie!


ever heard of pickleball?

it's been a long winter with my in laws gone and now that they're back, we took advantage of their willingness to have the kids over for the night.  we went out to dinner, saw the adjustment bureau, and went to starbucks! it was great to have a night out!  we even got to play pickleball!! 

since i know a lot of you haven't ever heard of pickleball, it's a lot like tennis.  my husband is super good so i, of course, love to be his partner.  and, since i'm his wife, it's pretty much a given.

{my husband and father in law playing on our home court}
 we have a court at our house, but it's not always easy to find people who want to play or even know how for that matter.  my husbands family all plays and we do try to have some pickleball parties in the summer. but, when the weather doesn't allow us to play at home we're lucky because at a community center nearby they have drop in pickleball.  since there was no work or homeschool this week, we got to go 3 times!!!  

 we haven't gone to the community center more than a handful of times before because our kids were little and having to find a babysitter to play was kind of a hassle.  but, now that our kids are a little older and can entertain themselves, we packed up some snacks, all 3 nintendo ds's and went to play.  the tricky part about bringing kids is they have to sit on these here bleachers.  they can't get off either, otherwise they are right in someones game.  but, so far, every time we've been there, multiple people have commented on how well behaved they are!

{they look like they are having fun, right?}
 the kids did great and only got bored within the last 30 minutes or so!
i didn't play very well on sunday so i took comfort in the fact that i got in 2 solid hours of exercise!
{depending on how many people are playing, we may have to sit out until a court opens up}
  i tried to be sneaky and snap a quick picture so i hope they don't mind i'm putting them on my blog! 

i was hot, sweaty and stinky by the end!  it felt so good though! i've really needed to start exercising again.  this was a great start.

do any of you know how to play pickleball?


blessings in disguise

i'm sure you're all expecting some great story about how blessing can come in many different ways. 

i hate to let you down, but it isn't all that exciting.  when i was doing the dishes, i looked over on the counter and i saw this:

it made me smile and i chuckled to myself.  

it's all about the little things people.  find the beauty and happiness in all you do, even the dishes!



ever felt like a groupie?

i've been meaning to post about the concert i went to, but i've been so busy i just haven't had a chance!

last thursday night i was lucky enough to escape from my house, meet a fellow blogger and listen to 2 very talented women sing.  

amy was our kind host, and it was super fun to have met her in person.  i think it was the pre-concert chaos, but somehow, i didn't get a picture of us together!!

{this was my view from the stairs! a little hard on the booty, but well worth it!}
i hadn't heard of mindy gledhill, but let me just tell you, she's awesome!!!  she's quirky, fun and amazingly talented.  go buy her album.  you won't be sorry!

debra fotheringham opened for her and she was just as captivating. she played the guitar and sang beautifully. i had never even heard one of her songs before, but they were all amazing. the kind of songs you like right away, it isn't like you have to listen to them a whole bunch and then they grow on you.  they're just good, know what i mean?

sitting on the stairs looking down on those girls singing was like a gift.  little white banners were hung from the ceiling amidst strings of light and i felt like they were singing only to me.  

after the show i felt like a groupie, waiting around to get pictures!  but, it was worth it.  they made my night and it couldn't have been better.

{me and mindy gledhill}

{me and debra fotheringham}

it was such a great night.  i wish y'all could have been there too!

{i added a playlist on my sidebar if you want to hear some of mindy's songs.  there were only a few, and none of debra's, so you'll have to hit play if you want to hear them!! }



saturday snapshot

i'm here linking up again with yellow songbird for saturday snapshot!

{this was taken about 5 years ago}
when i was about 8 or 9, we moved into a new house.  right after we moved into the neighborhood a young couple moved into the house across the street.  they had a dog named mango and my mother introduced me to them.  right away i fell in love with them.  

they let me come over and play with their dog and eventually they had kids of their own.  they really became my family and they surely treated me as theirs.  when i was 13 my mother died and shortly after that they moved away.  to say i was heartbroken would never describe how i felt.

{this was around 1990?}

aside from having kids of my own and experiencing the joy and love that comes from raising children and being married, these two people showed me more love than i can tell you.  they live across the country, and i've only seen them 3 times in 10 years, but i miss them every day.  
they were such a good example to me, and i only wish i had them close so i could still learn from them!

i love you both!



on the kindness of strangers

my husband has been working extremely hard on his national board certification this month.  saturday night we had to make a quick trip to walmart for some dvd discs.  before we left, i asked him if he had his wallet and when he said yes, i didn't grab mine. 
we went through the store grabbing the few items we needed.  when we got to the register i asked him for his wallet so i could pay.  he said he didn't have it.  i thought he was joking because he likes to play tricks and act like he's lost it.  only this time, he wasn't kidding. 
i politely asked the lady to keep our cart until we found it.  i went to the car (in the drizzle) to look, but it wasn't there either.  when i came back in, my husband, who had been waiting at customer service said they had a black wallet and he was not so patiently waiting to find out if it was his.  

it wasn't.

so, we left.  upon arriving home, we scoured the house, but to no avail.  i called to put a temporary hold on hid debit card while he decided to drive back to walmart for one last look around.

while he was gone, there was a knock at the door.  startled, i quickly locked the door and asked who it was.  
{now, you may be thinking this isn't the normal reaction someone has to a knock at the door, but i live out in the country with only one neighbor, and even then, if someone wanted to kill me, no one would hear my screaming and i'd die.  my kids would die too, so i'm really careful about not letting anyone know i'm home! i can say some of this paranoia has rubbed off from my husband, who trusts no one.}

back to the story!

some man was asking if he was at my address and before i knew it hey was saying something about his wife and finding...and before i knew it, i had opened the door.  do you know what he said?  he told me his wife had found a wallet.  and what did they do?  they drove to my house, up my long and very bumpy 1/3 mile driveway to return my husband's wallet.  

can you just believe that?  how amazing.  the hassle of having to cancel cards and reorder things is such a pain in the, well you know where! 

my husband said that god knew how hard he was working to finish up all the details of his national board stuff and that he couldn't handle anymore stress.  
the next morning after church, my little guy had made this.  
i am with you.

yes, he was. 
isn't god's goodness something to treasure?

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