checking in: 2012

i wish it were easier to take family photographs.  you would think as the children grow older, it would become easier, but it almost feels harder. this one turned out pretty good though. 
it *almost* captures our true selves!!

christmas was a blast.  the hubby was home for 2 weeks, and we had lots of fun.  grandma and grandpa left for arizona (boo for snowbirds) and we miss them already. 

homeschool has officially started in again with a vengence.

i'm teaching 3 classes at our homeschool co-op: an american girl class, a magic tree house class, and a basic sewing machine class.  oh, the work...i have so much to do but i'm still trying ot hide from it.

i'm loving, loving loving my erin condren planner.  i really wish i could promise a full post, but since my beloved imac is still down, and my laptop hates me (it took me 3 days to edit and load this pic into blogger--my computer just shuts down automatically while i'm working on it) i can make no promises.  i'm desperately trying to convince the hubby to use our "extra" christmas funds to buy a new laptop. 

wish me luck!!



Alicia said...

sorry about your computer...that stinks! but i'm glad to "see" you here today :) your classes you're teaching sound terrific! wish i could take them!

jenny said...

I have been meaning to tell you that this is a nice picture of you and the family. So well worth going to Target to find Ivy the polka dot dress. She looks so cute in it!

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