hey girl,

it's been snowing here in seattle and we're stuck at home missing wrestling practice since we can't make it out of the driveway. 

i thought i'd just spend hours on the computer after a long afternoon of sledding with the kids. 

i know that everyone has seen these already, but in case you haven't, you are in for a treat.  i think no matter how grumpy, mad, sad, irritated, annoyed or i just plain feel like the meanest stay at home homeschooling mom i could be, i still think i'd laugh until i cried reading through these!

and, i don't even really care for ryan gosling.  but, these are just genious.  so, i've made a board on pinterest just in case i think nothing in the world is going to work out. i'm just going to head straight for my hey girl pinterest board and all will be well. 

don't you think?

now, don't you feel better?

yes, i though so.  you're welcome.



Alicia said...

i have seen these and oh my gosh!!!! too funny! thanks for reminding me :)

jenny said...

Ryan is a great guy! Always so intuitive to a woman's needs. lol!

jahorn12820 said...

Haha, I ALWAYS see these on pinterest and I never understood what they were for :) I still kinda don't :D

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