i'm going to tell you a story that started last june.  why?  well, because i had meant to blog about it, and then i didn't.  but, in a weird way it has something to do with the birthday i just had, which i also didn't blog about.

so, my mother in law and her close friends have a gourmet lunch club every month.  doesn't that just sound like fun?  they each take a turn hosting and that person plans the lunch and the activity.  this particular time, i happened to be invited and we were going to have lunch downtown seattle and were going to see a seattle film festival movie.  it's been so long, i can't remember the name of the movie, but it was about a woman who lived in a mental institution.  as i can recall i think we all liked the movie.  the ending was super interesting and we sat in the theater trying to figure out if we all agreed what it meant. one of my favorite parts of the whole day was sneaking into anthropology with my mother in law.  i saw these cups and fell in love.  i just had to take a picture of them.   that was 8 months ago  and i had long since forgotten about them.  

fast forward to my birthday which was just a couple of weeks ago.  i gave up my birthday present from my husband so i could buy a $58 wrestling hoodie for my little guy.  

{we can all agree that is totally outrageous, but, they know us mothers will pay any price...right?}

so, i knew i was getting nada.  but, my husband's oldest sister surprised me with a small anthro box.  when i opened it i had one of those cups.  even after i opened it, i still didn't remember i had taken a picture of them.  but, i fell in love.  it was light pink and monogrammed with the letter t.  

i filled it with licorice spice tea, sat on the couch and enjoyed my new anthro cup.  when i finished, i set it on the table, walked into the dining room to grab the phone.  as soon as i entered the dining room, i heard the crash.  my oldest son accidentally knocked it on the floor. 

 and it was broken.  

i wish i could say i handled it well, but i didn't.  i yelled and lost my cool.  it was an honest mistake, but i was so upset.  i felt really bad afterwards and later apologized.  

a few days later i used a camera i haven't used since i took the picture of the cups.  after downloading the pictures i had taken, i saw this.  and i just had to laugh at the irony of the whole thing. i guess it just wasn't meant to be.

don't you hate it when stuff like that happens?


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jenny said...

I am sorry to hear you lost your cool. We are only human. Every mother out there probably can say that has happened a few times in their lives or maybe even more...Guess what? I completely forgot your birthday!!! So Happy Birthday dear friend. I know we both have been extremely busy. Lets get together soon and relive your birthday. :)

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