do y'all remember this post when i talked about how i lost my wedding ring?  

by some miracle, i found it!  

i had been puttering around in my bedroom cleaning when i grabbed a little pile of garbage from a freshly folded kitchen rug when i noticed it in my hand.  

i can't tell you where it came from or how it ended up on top of that rug without my noticing.  it's super weird, but i'm not going to question it.  i'm just stinkin' happy i have it back and just in time for valentines day too!   

i hate to even admit i don't even have anything super special planned for tonight.  i will make dessert (which i don't normally do) and try to make something nice for dinner. the kids and i will make cute cards for their dad, but that's about all i've got up my sleeve. 

so, in the spirit of love, here's a pic of my honey and i.

aww, aren't we just so cute together?  

{sorry, i couldn't help myself.  if you can't be mushy on valentines day, when can you?}

 i just made it the screen saver to my new laptop, which i love.
yes, i'm in love with my laptop.  
and my husband. 
and my kids.
and my life.
the end. 


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