feed my family friday!

i'm linking up with becky from farmgirl paints for her feed my family friday!!  

cooking isn't something i really enjoy, but i do have three kids and a husband so basically i have no way out.  i always envied those gals who love on their families by feeding them.  

lately though, i have made a couple of good meals, and last night was so yummy.  i can thank pinterest for the surge in good ideas.  

{spicy peanut butter noodles}

                                                                         Source: crumbblog.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

the whole family enjoyed them.  i liked 'em so much i'm seriously considering making them again tonight.  is that bad?  oh well...

{sorry, blogger hates me--go here to get to becky's blog!!}

have a great weekend ladies!



Alicia said...

those look so yummy!! like really yummy! i'm making something like that tonight with thai style ribs. the noodles are just noodles, no chicken...kind of a side-type situation. have a great weekend, girlie-poo :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

i've always wanted to make noodles like that. i wonder if they are just at the regular grocery store?? sounds SO good! thanks for linking up girlie.

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