my husband has two wives.

or at least it can look like he has two wives.  

this is what i looked like yesterday morning.  when i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, i almost lost my breakfast.  i mean really?  the #1 mom crown my kids made for me may have put the look over the top, but then my frizzy hair might have looked even worse.   i even kissed my husband goodbye looking like this!!  oh, he's a saint!

wife #1

she's the, i just rolled out of bed, found you underwear in the laundry basket, make breakfast and coffee for you and kiss you goodbye wife.  she cleans, homeschools the kids and sometimes changes her outfit and fixes her hair before you come home from working all day.  

wife #2

this is the wife you hope to see when you come home after a long grueling day at work.  she does all of the same things as wife #1 except for one very important thing.  she took the time to make herself look nice.

i wonder which wife my husband prefers?  



Amanda said...

Hi there pretty lady! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) This post IS ME! Seriously. I am not even kidding. Awesome!
To answer your question, the blanket on the couch is from IKEA. I LOVE IT! I paid $20 for it {which is a splurge for be} however, I have never looked back! :)

Blissful Blooms said...

You look beautiful in BOTH pictures!
What a difference a day makes hugh?
That crown cracks me up!
Hope you have a great day!

Mary said...

oh, i seriously get this!
i am in my pj pants with no makeup right now!
some days are better than others! :)
you are gorgeous in BOTH pictures, though! :)

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