abc's of me...the grumpy edition.

i'm kind of out of things to say today.  feeling a little bit grumpy about how many things of mine get broken by children, dogs, whatever and just some other stuff. the ever fabulous alicia is hosting the happy day project and even though i have tons to be happy about, i just don't feel like writing them all down...because then how could i be in a bad mood?  and, sometimes it's kinda fun to be mad.  do you know what i mean?  but, if you are in the mood for happy, go here to alicia's blog.

so, here's the abc's about me that i thought would be fun to do after i saw it on crafted love.  go read hers, some of them made me laugh!

Age: 31

Bedsize: queen, even though my  husband takes all the room and i sleep waaay over on the edge.

Chores that you hate: i was an only child and never had chores.  then after my mother died, i lived with my uncle and we had a housekeeper...so, i 'm not very good at keeping up on things.  i let them go until they HAVE to be done.  so, i guess all kinds of cleaning.

Dogs: we have one.  we used to have two, and they had babies. so, we sold all of the babies but one, gave the mom away because she was super insane and i ran over the dad dog with my car on the way to homeschool co-op.  it was pretty sad.

Essential start to your day:
 my homemade caramel macchiato.

Favorite color: green

Gold or Silver: silver

Height: just barely 5'3"

Instruments you play:
 i used to play the violin, but i wish i could play the guitar.

Job title: i'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom {and blogger}

Kids: uh, yeah.  three!  ages 11, 9, and 8.

Live: the ever sunny and warm.....washington.  ha ha ha.  no, really i love it here...definitely don't want to go anywhere else.

Mother’s Name: sheryl

Nicknames: sometimes my husband calls me tiff.

Overnight hospital stays:
 i had viral meningitis when my youngest was only a month old.  he was sick with a fever and i came down with viral meningitis the next day so they kept him for 2 weeks, and i stayed for 4 days.  i cried when they brought me polaroids of him.  i was sure he wasn't going to know i was his mother.  obviously it turned out okay!

Pet peeves: people who eat with their mouths open.  i want to die.  or go insane.  

Quote from a movie or tv show: this one is so hard.  i'm not usually quoting movies, but the first thing that comes to mind is, "are you kidding?  i'm scared of everything.  of what i saw, of what i did, of who i am.  and most of all i'm scared of going the rest of my life never feeling the way i feel when i'm with you."  i totally  just did that from memory.  i'm pretty sure it's accurate.  but, after i post this, i might have to google it!  anyone know?  dirty dancing.  made a huge impression on me...when i was watching it over and over again in the 5th grade.  uh, yeah, did anyone care what movies i was watching?

Right or Lefty: righty

Siblings: none.

Time you wake up: i'm usually up at 6:45 making lunch and coffee for my husband before he goes to work.

Underwear: i do wear underwear, but i'm not telling what kind.  that would be weird.

Vegetable you hate: i love all of them...except i kind of hate squash.  

What makes you run late:
 my inability to pair socks...so everyone is usually trying to find a matching pair. 

Xtra Info:  (i changed this one)  
 i sleep with my sweats tucked into my socks with my hoodie pulled tight like i'm out in a storm when i sleep!  it's super attractive.  just ask my husband.  he he he.

Yummy food you make:
 thanks to pinterest, i love making
this and this

Zoo Animal: penguins.  love them.

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Mary said...

i am not alone in the whole socks over the sweatpants and hoodie strings tight bit?!?
this is totally awesome, girlfriend!
and i hear ya on the pet peeve!
that's one of mine, too. BIG.time!
that's it.
i'm coming over for one of you macchiatos.
we need to chat.
praying for you and the grumpies to go away!

Blissful Blooms said...

I had a case of the grumpies this morning too! Hope you have a brighter day tomorrow!!

Alicia said...

this is the most fun abc thing ever!! and you don't sound too grumpy to me :) thanks for the shout out. i hope you go get a plant and be happy!!! :)

jenny said...

Hey Tif! I loved reading the ABC's. I never knew some of these things about you and all of them are good to know. :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

it's super fantastic you used to play the violin. that and piano are my dream instruments! my honey plays guitar. i refused to try in piano lessons and now i regret it majorly!

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