just one of those days.

i'm feeling super sluggish today. i just want to snuggle on the couch and watch smash.

i guess it could be because it's "that time" of the month.  

 {my bedroom floor as of this morning}
it could also be that i have errands to run, history project materials to get, dishes to do, and laundry to be put away.  all of that is on top of schooling!

{my kitchen sink, as of right now...ugh...}
 my sluggishness is also compounded by the fact that my husband and i have stayed up way too late two nights in a row playing words with friends together.  it also doesn't help that he's just crushing me in scores.  

i can't tell you, it's humbling to say the least.  i suppose i shouldn't feel too bad, he is an english teacher!

plus, it snowed last night, and it was supposed to be sunny today.  i was really looking forward to the sunny part, but all i see is gray skies.  that shouldn't surprise me, you'd think i'd be used to it by now. i mean, i have lived in washington my whole life.

what are you guys up to today?


Alicia said...

i so know this feeling. i wanted to get a whole bunch done today...didn't happen. oh well, there's always tomorrow :) hope the sun shines tomorrow on you!!

jenny said...

I love the new blog...you have been one busy lady! :) Can't wait to see you Monday! Love me. FYI: we got a new Apple desk top...I am so in love!

Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

Sorry to hear that!

Btw, how are you vitamin D levels, do you get enough sun? I wear sunscreen or don't go out during the sunny parts of the day and recently I found out that my D levels were low so have started taking supplements or occasionally being in the sun for a bit.

It's probably just due to those late nights & whatnot, but I would of never known my levels were low if my Dr. didn't have me do some lab work.

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