public service announcement...

goose eggs taste just like chicken eggs.

we used to have chickens when the kids were tiny littles.  we gave up that "extra" responsibility for a number of years.  last summer though, we bought 26 baby chicks.  we lost a few to the dog, and a few mysteriously disappeared.  shortly after we got the chickens we decided on getting a couple brown chinese geese to help keep the dog away from the chickens.  

the chickens and the geese are both laying! 

we're averaging about 10 chicken eggs a day.  since sally, the goose, started laying, we are getting an egg every couple of days from her too.  look at the size of those eggs!

 i knew eventually my husband was going to want to eat the goose eggs.  i'd be lying if i said i wasn't totally scared about it.  because really, who eats goose eggs?  

apparently i do.  
and you know what?  even though i couldn't have told you if it was a chicken egg or a goose egg, because they tasted exactly the same, i still felt a little weird all throughout the meal.  

i have a feeling i'm going to be eating a lot of goose eggs in my future.  

i'm still a little creeped out about it.

have any of you eaten goose eggs?  

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Kelly said...

i would feel so weird eating a goose egg. to be honest i don't know if i could do it.
GO YOU for being brave.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

hmm... the first thing that crosses my mind: if my son is allergic to chicken eggs, i wonder if he would be allergic to goose eggs, too??? it's a thought. probably so. but i wonder.

Amy said...

If I had ever eaten a goose, I don't think I would mind goose eggs. But I haven't had either so I just don't know. But I do think I would be weird-ed out too!

Nessa Bixler said...

I would loe to have chickens. My grammy did and I spent summers with her. My husband thinks I am nuts. Goose eggs were always omelet eggs at her house... less cracking.

Stuff and Nonsense said...


not too much in this life
grosses me out so
i'm pretty sure i would be game
to try a big ole goose egg
if given the opportunity!

love your blog

just stopping by
from Alicia's post


Alicia said...

goose eggs...hmmm. not sure what to say about that. but they certainly are pretty :)

Blissful Blooms said...

LOVE your new header! So pretty!!
I would totally be weirded out to eat a goose egg! But I was totally weirded out to eat my hubbies deer meat, but now I'm ok with it. So I think I could get use to easing goose too. I thought I wanted chickens, but then I heard some stories . . . do they eat your flowers? Do they stink?

Malisa said...

I am totally impressed that you ate a goose egg and that you are eating your own eggs. Do you notice a difference in the taste of yours versus the store? How cool! And the veggies you cooked with the egg look so DELICIOUS!

chantilly said...

it's so cool you have chickens! i can't say i've ever eaten a goose egg... but my parents used to get fresh eggs from a local farm when they lived in maine. i tell you, i've never tasted anything better. goose eggs must be just as good! x

jenny said...

Yum! I wanna try!

Mary said...

we raise lots of chickens and i just recently found out you could eat goose eggs, too!
late bloomer, i knoooooowwww!
so, i would totally eat a goose egg!

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