fluffing up my nest...

how was your long weekend?  we spent our weekend working out in the garden pulling thistles, weeding, mowing the yard, playing pickleball, hitting up some garage sales, playing sequence with the in-laws and enjoying the weather here in the pacific northwest.

since my bedroom had a makeover recently {i'm still not quite ready to show it all off} my bed needed some cute pillows.  so far, i've managed only one, but i really like it! 

the single heart looks a bit lonely....what do you think?  it might need another to really balance it all out.  

should i add another heart?  leave it alone?  


have a great tuesday girls!

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sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Adorable!! I love burlap! I think another heart would look cute! :)

jenny said...

What a great idea Tif! I am not quite sure if something is missing. Maybe it needs a little color or the heart needs to be positioned closer to the right corner of the pillow. I hope I can figure out what to do with all the burlap I have. Also, I need to fix my darn sewing machine. Talk to you soon. Happy Crafting!

Mary said...

VERY cute, girlie!
you just can't go wrong with burlap and white!
great job!
i cannot wait to see your reveal!
i'm working on our room, too.
next up, PAINT!

jahorn12820 said...

I LOVE sequence!!! We play it every Christmas! I think it would be cute if you put the first letter of your name + the first letter of your hubby's... like
T + B (I'm not sure what your husband's name is!) But I think it's adorable just the way it is too! Just a thought :)

Blissful Blooms said...

LOVE!! Can you please come to MT and teach me to sew?
I love the pillow just as it is- but I too was thinking it would be cute to do what jessica said. :) Happy fluffing! Can't wait to see it all!

Mandy said...

ohmygosh i love it! it's perfect as is. i'll be up there soon for you to teach me;)

Mandy said...

hey, what if you added those stitches {blanket?} that run up and down over the edges of the heart...you know what i'm talking about? that'd be cute!

Alicia said...

super super cute! i love it just the way it is :)

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