portabellopixie straight market bag pattern review

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a few weeks back i ordered the portobello pixie straight market bag pattern.  i had loosely been following raechel meyers sewing 101 class and at the end of the 4 weeks raechel made the straight market bag as the ending to the class.  since i'm not a "new" sewer, i decided to make the gathered market bag instead which had a little more interest to it.  both bags are fully reversible which is an added bonus!

one thing about the gathered bag pattern is i'm pretty sure there's an error!  this particular bag is lined with canvas and after it directs you to cut the 2 pieces of canvas for the main body it never tells you when to sew it in.  i gathered the front/back pieces first, then sewed the canvas to those pieces and sewed the rest of the bag together.  i read the directions over and over, but if any of you have made this bag and i just missed that part somehow {which i couldn't believe is true} i'd love for you to let me know!

aside from this one error {i didn't see an error in the straight market bag} the directions are clear and simple.  there are lots of photos to help you along the way and i think it's a great pattern for a beginner!

overall, i thought this was a great patter and it happens to be on sale for $5 right now which is an awesome price for a designer pattern!

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Mandy said...

that is so cute! love the fabric. i'ma a wannabe seamstress {i wrote sewer, which didn't seem right:D} jerad bought me a singer like 5 christmases ago and i've used it once:( i need to take a class or something!

Farmgirl Paints said...

You go girl. I think sewing with a pattern would be hard. I always just wing it. Looks adorable. Happy weekend.

Farmgirl Paints said...
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Mary said...

oooh! i love it! :)

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

what a great bag and the pattern is so cute!

love your blog! :)

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