new blog friends

have you ever read apearantly sew?  

miss alison is the lovely gal behind the blog and shop.

a couple of weeks ago we had chatted a bit and she said she was going to send me a mug rug because i had seen one on her blog and commented on how much i liked it!  i was too excited for words!  i could hardly believe it!  

she made me my very own mug rug in just the colors i love!  

serioulsy, how cool is that????

look, isnt' it just adorable.  

when i got the package in the mail and was all giddy about it, my husband, who doesn't quite get the whole idea of blogging friends said i should be careful because she could be a creeper. a creeper?  ha!  i couldn't help but laugh.  maybe one day he'll come around and realize it's just like having a real life friend.  

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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Esther said...

hehe my husband says the same thing... but then was totally supportive when i told him i wanted to go on a girls weekend with a bunch of "blog friends" love that mug rug!

Theresa said...

i didn't get the whole blog friends thing until i started blogging :) now i love my bloggy buddies!

Mandy said...

yep, my hubby says it too. ;) i promised him when we started emailing that you weren't a crazy stalker!

jenny said...

That is awesome! Mug rug...how catchy and cool is that. :) I have not been told from my husband about any creepy bloggers yet because I am never on my blog.

Megan Elzey said...

What a blessing to have this community :)

Megan @ wwwsunshinethroughthewindows.blogspot.com

carissa at lowercase letters said...

a mug rug?! too cool for school!!

Mary said...

what a sweet gift! :)
your hubby cracks me up...nathan used to kinda be the same way.
he's over it now.
he knows how cool and special you all are to me. :D

Holly said...

how sweet! I love blog friends. I just need to get into skype or something like that more. Im sure it would be fun to chat it up with some blog buds! hmmm, maybe we could be onto something. Your husband might find that creepy though! ha! Oh I found you through Meg's blog!

San said...

That is so sweet! I love the tea rug and the mug has an awesome color!

aPearantly sew said...

This makes me laugh all over again :) I can imagine how crazy it would seem if you don't "get" the whole blogging thing.

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