pinned it did it #4 {sort of}

i actually finished this project months ago, but never did get to blogging about it since my pictures didn't turn out very good.  

my friend alice was giving her bedroom a makeover and she bought ruffled curtains from target.  they were cute, but they weren't as ruffly as we thought they should be!  but, i had pinned this a while back,so i knew just what we should do!

so, i took them home and added some ruffles to them with some curtain fabric she had picked up at ross.

once i was done, and they were hanging on my bedroom window, i could hardly force myself to give them back.  they are so beautiful!!

here's the before:

see?  they are pretty cute, but they just needed "more."

the after:

i love how they turned out.  i added a layer of ruffles in between the existing ruffles which doubled the ruffly goodness.  i also added some ruffles to the bottom to make them longer to fit her windows.

in exchange for my sewing skills, she watched my kids for the day! 

now, i have everything i need to make these for myself, but since i'm a super procrastinator, i haven't started yet!

happy monday girls!
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i just killed a baby rat, but then again, so did the barn owl.


if you do not like to see little baby rats that are soon going to die, you may not want to read this post.

i scored a great deal on a desk and hutch yesterday.  and, until i could get a chance to start painting {it's a nasty metallic silver} i needed to protect it from the rain here in seattle.  
{are you surprised it's raining at the end of june?  because it is.  and it's lame.}

i went into the shed and grabbed a couple of moving blankets.  my son took one and i dragged one following him.  once we got closer to the where the furniture was, i saw this little baby in the driveway.  i knew it must have been a baby rat that came out of those blankets!  how gross is that?  ugh!  i started screaming for my husband and kids to come see! 

{out here in the country there are rats galore. my cat leaves us guts from his kill every single day. he likes to leave them right outside the slider.  so, were you interested, you could always go see some intestines.  since i'm the one who has to clean them up, i see them a lot!}

anyhow, i knew after we saw this lone baby that where there's one rat, there is sure to be more.  so, we went on the hunt to see if we could find the rest of the babies and we sure did.  three more, right outside the door to the shed.  one had  been stepped on....hence the title of this post, "i just killed a baby rat but then again, so did the barn owl."

see the one at the top?  it's head is smashed in.  i'm pretty sure i killed it.  

well, i felt sorry they were just laying there going to die, so i figured why not let the cat have a little snack?

the cat didn't seem too interested and left.  

i suppose the hunt is where the fun is....if it isn't moving, it's not dinner!

the barn owl was out hunting and one of them went missing.  so, my son put the others out in the driveway where the first one was.  we're hoping the owl will have an easy meal.

  i sat with the camera ready to catch the owl taking the babies but then my battery died.  i did get some photos of him though!

at least they won't suffer too much longer.  some country creature will likely find them and gobble them up!

i realize they are rats and don't we all hate rats?  but, when they are this small, it's hard not to feel sorry for them!  

don't you think they look a little sweet?  

or are they just totally nasty?


june birchbox


here's my june birchbox.  

i can't help but to feel like my boxes haven't been stellar these last two months!  this months box is better than may's birchbox, but still.....did i really get bandaids?  i mean, i know i can use them, and they are cynthia rowley, but really?

i did get some apothoderm stretch mark cream and the good lord knows i have a ton.  in fact, my belly button has a perma frown.  it's going to be sad for the rest of it's life.   kids!  they ruin everything!!  

i'm kidding!  i love my kids!  even if they did give me stretch marks.  

well, even if this product did work, i'd never be able to order the full size at $89.95.  yikes!  

i do like the balm, stainiac in beauty queen it's the perfect shade of red to tint my lips...but i'm always scared to use it on my cheeks!  

the scalisi skincare anit-aging moisterizing broad spectrum spf 30 is sooo nice.  but, like the stretch mark cream, it's waaaay out of my price range.  
$110 full size?  i'll pass.  i suppose i'll enjoy it while it lasts!

oh, and i got some hand sanitzing wipes.  they smell good but i'm not about to spend any money on hand wipes.  i'm way too cheap for that.  

i also got a men's cologne sample.  this, is amazing.  i love love love it!

overall, i'm not unimpressed with birchbox, but i've seen some other boxes that are amazing.  i'm sure my time will come.  

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pinned it, did it #3 {a review of the child training bible}

                                                                        Source: childtrainingbible.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

i saw this pin for the child training bible a while back and i had just fallen in love with this idea.  last year i had done quite a bit of having the kids {or maybe just one} write verses as a consequence for bad behavior.  i realize that's a touchy subject to some folks.  using the word of god as a punishment doesn't sit well  for some but, i personally don't have a problem with it!  this was created by a homeschooling mom of four kids.  being a homeschooling mom myself, i thought that was so fun!

anyhow, i went straight to the child training bible site and ordered my kit for $9.  this project isn't necessarily a cheap one, so be prepared if you don't already have all of the supplies.  after you receive your kit, you'll need:

a 9x6 inch bible {this has to be accurate or it won't work} {$15}
sharpie highlighters in 7 particular colors {$8}
post it tabs in 7 particular colors {$8}
at least 3 hours of time to put it all together. {free?}

i had been hoping i could find a bible around the house that would work, find one at a garage sale or the thrift store.  but, i never could so eventually i ordered this one on amazon.

last friday night, i sat on the couch with the hubby and i highlighted to my hearts content.  before you begin highlighting or tabbing you tape the "chart" on the first page of the bible. this is your reference page.  once you are done, you'll be able to easily find where all of your verses are.
after that, you start with one sin behavior and you highlight all of the verses listed in yellow.  then you put the yellow tabs in the same place on each page where the verse is listed.  in this case the yellow tab goes at the top left hand side.  once you are done highlighting and tabbing the anger verses, you move along to the next sin behavior and tab those, again all in the same place on the page.

when you are all done {three hours later} your bible will look like this!

this is the inside chart.  from here, it's easy to see how you can find the verses for a particular sin behavior.  on the bottom left, in pink, it says wrong friendships.  all of those pink tabs directly underneath that will take you to those verses.  but, you can see on the right where it says, not listening, there are also pink tabs.  you will use those to find those verses.  occasionally, verses are highlighted on the same page in the same color for different verses and in those instances, you will just write with a pencil the sin behavior next to it.

this is the inside of the bible

some of the supplies you'll need

isn't it pretty?  all of those colorful tabs?  i dare say, i've never seen a bible so inviting!!

these cards are stored in the back of your bible and on one side they list the verses that need to be highlighted and on the other side they have some discussion questions, a prayer for your child or yourself and questions about jesus' example.

the child training bible is one of the best products i've seen for helping your kids easily find/see what god has to say about all of these topics.  i wish i had known about this years ago!!  its definitely going to get a lot of use around here. i've already had the chance to use it quite a few times!

linking here today:


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i'm back again with another garage sale goodies post!!  

i'm pretty sure i came away with the deal of the day.  
{i love it when that happens}

my youngest son is quite the charmer and it's not just me who thinks so.  without trying, he got some nice lady to give him a dollar so he could buy the game of life.  she said he had nice eyes and could tell he was a sweet boy.  i could hardly believe it!  
game of life= free
bananagrams $1

gas can 50 cents
hose sprayer nozzle $1 {i got him down a dollar}

thread organizer $1

two pairs of flip flops for my youngest boy
75 cents 
25 cents

my daughter was desperate for this ring.  she's all about looking at the jewelry these days.
ring 50 cents

my oldest son *really* wanted this art supply set.
art set $2

ooh, i was excited about this.....it will match the other base i just got and i can pop into target to buy another one of those burlap lampshades. 
lamp base $2

my deal of the day is this outdoor research goretex jacket.  
i love it!!  
jacket $7

lest you think i'm going to turn this whole blog into a recap of my garage saleing adventures, i assure you i'm not.  

tuesday i've got another, pinned it did it, post.  it's a gooood one. i think you're gonna like it!!



i realize y'all might be getting bored to tears with all of my garage sale junk i find, but really, it's interesting right?  i do a bunch of other stuff. i promise.  i'm not some garage sale crazy psycho....it's just that time of the year! it's fun to get out with the hubby and kids, drive around, get an ice cream and enjoy the weather. 

so, here's the loot from friday!  i hope you enjoy!  

chair $5

body pillow $3 {she's been wanting one forever}

two beach chairs $2

two pillow inserts 50 cents
18 inch embroidery hoop $1
white yarn to make this {that i pinned 19 weeks ago}  10 cents

serpentiles thinkfun game $1
american doll purse book 25 cents
book on ancient egypt 25 cents{we're going to see the king tut exhibit in about a week!}
sega superstars tennis xbox 360 $3
oops, an american girl book on manners 25 cents
state/world placemat free

wood cutting board $2
slicer thingy free{it has two options for slicing}

abercrombie hoodie for me $1 {i could live in hoodies by the way} 

assorted bionicle dudes that my little guy spent his own money on $4{without telling me either!} 

10 shirts, 1 dress for $6.  
this girl was in desperate need for a few new items, and i think she ended up with some really cute stuff!

have you been out?  find anything good?  tell me!



yesterday i showed you the "one" thing i got garage saleing last weekend.  except i lied.  not intentionally, but actually i got 4 more things! i just plain forgot.  it's so weird!!  i think it's because most of the garage sales we went to were pretty lame, so i didn't come away feeling super excited--except about the dress form.

yesterday while i was wandering through target we happened down the lamp shade aisle.  as soon as i saw this cute burlap shade, i remembered that i had gotten a small creamy  lamp base for $2.  i didn't even have to think about how perfect this shade would be on my lamp so into my cart it went.

ain't she purdy?

here's the other remaining items that i left out.

chunky floral bracelet $2

two packages of cross stitch fabric 50 cents each



i didn't do a garage sale post this week because i only got one thing!  it was my friend jen's birthday and we snuck out without our children, went to a few garage sales {mostly all a bust}, starbucks, ikea and jo anns.  we had such a fun time together!  

this is the only thing i picked up, but i love it!  right now she's in the dining/homeschool room, but i'd say she'll eventually end up in the sewing room.  

what do you think?  worth the $10 bucks i paid for it?

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